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Standul IOR la EXPOMIL 2011 - Sursa: Revista Fortelor Terestre

Standul IOR la EXPOMIL 2011 – Sursa: Revista Fortelor Terestre

Asa cum noi urmarim desfasurarea programelor poloneze de achizitii militare, asa si ei sint interesati de cum merg ale noastre.
Pe site-ul publicatiei cu specific militar Altair a fost postat un articol foarte bine documentat referitor la noua arma de asalt romaneasca.
Pe langa istoria modificarilor romanesti ale platformei AK, sint facute si niste comparatii cu dezvoltarile similare poloneze.







Ce surprinde insa este urmatorul pasaj, referitor la echipamentele aditionale instalate pe platforma AK (Google Translate):

“In contrast to the Polish MSBS (MSBS debut in Washington, 2012-09-28), which focuses only on new arms, but the question of the rest of the system, the optical and optoelectronic sighting device, such as a laser indicators / back light in order to leave a completely side, Romania to develop its weapons or accessories. IOR has to offer not only a military spotting scopes 1-4×32 and 3×25 Pitbull QRTS CQB / IL, but also numerous Imageview RV-1, RV-2, as well as the latest Valdada RDS and RDS Micro.
Keep in mind that the price of weapons is less than half of the total cost of individual weapons systems. Today he is worth a few rifle without sights devices, indicators, flashlights or other auxiliary devices. Czechs are well understood (BREN won in the Czech Republic, 2010-02-05; First CZ 805 for the Czech army, 2011-07-23), and Romanians, who, apart from developing their own weapons or their components, while in Poland it was apparently that everything worthwhile to buy abroad. It is a pity that, in parallel with the development of MSBS no one thought about a few years of development program these items. Keep in mind that the Beryl developed, but never implemented into production such as telescopic target plate LKA-4, collimator sights CK-3, telescopic laser pointer with the CWL-1. Only the night-vision sight PCS-6, the variety adapted to the Picatinny rail PCS-5/5M was and is manufactured on a large scale”

Se pare ca strainii apreciaza mai bine valoarea echipamentelor optice romanesti, in cazul de fata de productie IOR, decat romanii. Nimeni nu-i profet in tara lui, mai ales daca e Romania, nu-i asa?

Intregul articol poate fi citit aici.


Si pentru ca am amintit de IOR, un articol foarte interesant despre istoria firmei, inceputurile exporturilor in SUA si impactul asupra dezvoltarii ulterioare a gamei de produse IOR, aici.


De citit si AK: inapoi in viitor.

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