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Sursa: Wikipedia

Sursa: Wikipedia

Foarte pe scurt despre serviciul de Politie Aeriana al NATO:

“In peacetime, NATO Air Defence forces adopt a continuous, 24/7, Air Policing posture as a measure to preserve the integrity of Alliance Airspace. This posture uses appropriate Air Defence assets to provide a capability to respond to potential air threats by the identification of unknown airborne objects detected by the Air Surveillance system as well as to take appropriate follow-on measures if required.”

“When an unauthorised aircraft is detected within NATO Airspace, a Quick Reaction Alert Interceptor, QRA I aircraft takes off immediately via the respective Combined Air Operation Centre (CAOC) to visually identify the airframe.”

“These fighter aircraft can be launched immediately to intercept, interrogate and identify unknown airborne objects detected by the Air Surveillance and Control System.” Sursa:

In cazul in care Romania se decide sa isi asigure serviciul de Politie Aeriana cu un avion de productie locala si nu este inca clar cum ar trebui sa arate, din descrierea misiunilor de mai sus reiese ca pentru un avion QRA(I) accentul este pus pe viteza, rata ascensionala si, in conditiile restrangerii numarului bazelor aeriene disponibile, pe raza de actiune. Exact punctele in care sufera cel mai mult actualul IAR-99, care ar fi caine surd la vanatoare.


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