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Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800 - Sursa: www.pwc.ca

Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800 – Sursa: www.pwc.ca


Pratt & Whitney Canada is moving its all-new PW800 jet engine program into top gear three months after its official launch, stepping up design work and preparing for future production.

”If the 800 family does as well, P&WC’s going to make lots of money and the Canadian taxpayer might get a decent return on the former Technology Partnerships deal with the federal government several years ago,” said one industry analyst. Canada.com

Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) was a special operating agency of Industry Canada with a mandate to provide funding support for strategic research and development (R&D), and demonstration projects that produced economic, social and environmental benefits to Canadians.

The Industrial Technologies Office (ITO) publishes a semi-annual status report to enhance transparency of its legacy program – Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC).

TPC provided repayable contributions for innovative research and development (R&D) projects contracted between 1996 and 2006.

TPC projects were long-term (up to 30 years) commencing with an R&D phase, followed by a repayment phase – the period in which a product, or a technology, could generate revenue for the company.  In such cases, repayments would flow back annually  to the program according to the terms and conditions of the company’s contribution agreement.

TPC Program Highlights

  • Total number of active projects: 193
    • Active projects in the R&D phase (repayments are not yet due): 13
    • Active projects in the repayment phase : 180
  • Total authorized assistance for all projects: $3.4 billion
  • Total disbursements to date: $3.1  billion
  • Total cumulative repayments collected to date: $802 million
  • Total repayments collected in 2011-2012: $93.4 million

TPC Repayment Status Report (excerpt)


Contribution Date, Company, Authorized Assistance ($)[attr sort=”asc”], Net Expenditures ($), Repayments ($)

21-Mar-1997, Alcatel Networks Corporation,962.362, 962.362, B

17-Nov-2003, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited *, 116.020.000, 680.000, B

20-Mar-1997, Bombardier *, 141.837.593, 139.582.652, 176.225.091

27-Mar-1997, General Dynamics Canada Ltd., 2.170.000, 2.168.299, B

26-Mar-2003, General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems-Canada Inc., 2.626.196, 2.626.196, 488.421

31-Mar-1999, IBM Canada Ltd., 33.000.000, 33.000.000, B

19-Dec-2001, Lockheed Martin Canada Inc., 4.560.600, 4.560.600, B

26-Sep-1997, Messier-Dowty Inc. *, 73.240.009, 73.168.028, B

06-Mar-1997, Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. *, 1.041.804.068, 827.116.126, 173.465.517

24-Oct-2001, QNX Software Systems(Wavemakers) Inc., 4.418.283, 2.585.808, 194.084

30-Mar-1998, Raytheon Canada Limited *, 12.682.210, 8.076.386, 8.261.993

31-Mar-2000, Rolls-Royce Canada Limited *, 75.200.000, 45.200.000, 12.859.041

31-Mar-2004, Schneider Electric Canada Inc., 7.200.000, 5.650.106, 7.600.000

14-Nov-1997, Thales Canada Inc. *, 19.890.000, 19.890.000, 12.797.910


Explanatory notes:

Contribution Date: is the date that a company signed its contribution agreement. If a company has more than one project, the date indicated is the earliest contribution agreement signing date.

Company: is the name of the legal entity which currently has one or more TPC contribution agreements. Authorized Assistance: represents the maximum amount contracted at the time of the initial contribution agreement. As the R&D progresses and a project reaches its conclusion the final disbursed amount could be much lower.

Net Expenditures: represents the total amounts disbursed toward projects that have completed their R&D phase, net of any recoveries. Amounts are not provided until completion of the R&D phase to protect commercial confidentiality.

Repayments: represents the amount collected to date and/or the information that a company has allowed ITO to disclose. Should a company have several contribution agreements its decision to disclose repayments may not extend to all TPC projects. In some cases, the repayment obligations of a TPC contribution required a company to provide share warrants to the Government as partial or full repayment. Warrants, which may be sold, are a right to acquire the company shares at a certain price for a period of time. If warrants are sold, the sale amount received is recorded as a repayment.

A : Indicates that repayments are not yet due on the company’s project(s).

B : Indicates that the company has not provided ITO with an authorization to disclose repayment information. Repayment details are protected under TPC agreements signed prior to August 2006.

* : Indicates that a company has multiple TPC projects – some may still be in the R&D phase with no repayments owing, as well, the net expenditures only include amounts disbursed on projects that have completed their R&D phase.


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